Install Your Cabinets

Quick and Easy Installation

Save Time and Money!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be enjoying your room with Nimble. Utilize our exclusive Install Guide Rail system along with adjustable cabinet feet, easy connect doors, drawer fronts and end panel covers. They’re what make Nimble, nimble!


Nimble's Exclusive Install Guide Rail

The use of the Install Guide Rail – dressed in Nimble’s signature blue – makes installation a snap! Simply mark a level line where the wall cabinet(s) will hang, pre-drill the rail and secure it to the wall studs. For standard wall cabinet placement (where the top of your cabinet measures 84 inches from the floor), the center line of the install guide rail should be 77-3/4 inches from the floor.

Installation Guide Rail Instructions »


Be sure to install all your wall cabinets first, beginning in the corner, working your way out. Don’t forget to install end panel covers to the sides of your wall cabinets that will show, especially if you intend to use a blower or microwave hood. If you don’t, the unfinished cabinet sides will be exposed! Base cabinets should be installed after wall cabinets, again beginning in the corner and working your way out.


Hang the Wall Cabinet

Next, lift and place the cabinet onto the install rail using the groove on the back of the cabinet, and fasten the cabinet with installation screws for permanent placement and stability.

Wall and Base Installation Instructions »

Base Corner Cabinet Installation Instructions »


If you finish installing all of your cabinets, and there is an odd space left that is too small to accommodate a cabinet, it is time to install a filler. Fillers come in two widths, 6” and 3”, and can be cut down to fit the width you need. Small gaps from ½-3/8” wide can be covered with scribe moulding.


Connect Your Cabinets

Each Nimble cabinet includes hardware that fits into pre-drilled sides to quickly connect cabinets to one another for a firm, secure fit. It’s as easy as turning a screw!


Adjust the Cabinet Feet

No more shimming cabinets to get them level! Nimble’s adjustable feet allow you to fine-tune cabinet heights with a simple twist. After installation, the feet are covered with toe kick to keep dust bunnies at bay.


Apply Edge Banding

As you face your installed cabinet boxes, you will notice that the front edges need to be covered with edge banding so that they match your cabinet doors for a completely cohesive look. Edge banding applies like tape and can be cut with a box knife.


Attach the End Panel Covers

Now that your cabinets are installed and the edge banding has been applied, it’s time to cover the exposed sides of your unfinished wall, base and utility cabinet boxes with end panel covers. End Panel Covers include hardware that fits into pre-drilled cabinet sides for quick connection.

End Panel Installation Instructions »


Install Crown Moulding and Scribe Moulding

Crown moulding installed along the top perimeter of your cabinet boxes gives your space a finished, custom look. When leveled cabinets don’t sit exactly flush next to the wall, scribe moulding can be applied to hide any lack of wall squareness.


Install Doors and Drawer Fronts

You’re getting close! Nimble doors and drawer fronts attach easily with a simple click, for a lifetime of gentle, quiet closing.

Door and Drawer Installation Instructions »


Love Your New Space

That’s all there is to it! Now sit back and enjoy your fresh new space. You just got Nimble!