What is Nimble?

What makes Nimble, nimble?

Quick, easy and agile define Nimble™ by Diamond® - an innovative cabinet system offered exclusively at Lowe's® that combines trending designer looks, premium features and easy installation.

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Style Inspirations

  • VerandaBrezStyleInspirationsGreen

    Veranda Breeze

    Comfort of rocking on the farmhouse porch, Veranda Breeze offers casual living that brings you home.

  • SeaSaltStyleInspirationsBlue

    Sea Salt

    Sand in your toes, and horizons in view, Sea Salt invites you to sit back and enjoy life.

  • BalsamicBarrelStyleInspirationsPurple

    Balsamic Barrel

    Versatility and flavor is revealed in the warm brown depths of Balsamic Barrel.

  • BrownstoneBeatStyleInspirationsGrey

    Brownstone Beat

    Urban vibes and sleek fashion up the tempo with Brownstone Beat.

  • CopperPotStyleInspirationsOrange

    Copper Pot

    Family traditions come together around Copper Pot's warm and rustic appeal.

  • MochaSwirlStyleInspirationsYellow

    Mocha Swirl

    Warm up with the coffee shop coziness of Mocha Swirl.

  • VanillaShakeStyleInspirationsPink

    Vanilla Shake

    Reminiscent of vintage charm, Vanilla Shake takes you back to "real" homemade milkshakes.

  • Veranda Breeze
  • Sea Salt
  • Balsamic Barrel
  • Brownstone Beat
  • Copper Pot
  • Mocha Swirl
  • Vanilla Shake

Choose the look that's right for you

Whether you're reminiscing with vintage charm, warming up with coffee shop coziness, or upping the tempo with sleek fashion, Nimble gives you seven looks to suit your style.

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Quiet, gently closing doors & drawers.


No More Slamming

A Lifetime of Quiet, Gently Closing Drawers

This premium feature is standard with Nimble!


The Key to Nimble

Creating the Perfect Pair

With Nimble, doors/drawer fronts are sold separately from the cabinet box because all cabinet boxes are the same color, no matter what style you select. That means you’ll buy two packages for each cabinet you need; one for the box and one for the door(s) or drawer front(s).

Saves time and money!

You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be  enjoying your new room with Nimble. Utilize our exclusive Install Guide Rail system along with adjustable cabinet feet, easy connect doors, drawer fronts, and end panel covers. They're what make Nimble, nimble!

  • NmbHangRailSeaSaltC
  • NmbHangRailSeaSaltC2
  • NmbTurnSeaSalt
  • NmbAdjustSeaSalt
  • NmbClickDoorSeaSalt

Cabinet Sizes


Nimble offers a full range of wall, tall and base cabinet widths to accommodate almost any design.

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